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April 2022

eCERTO Successfully Obtains IP Grant


Aberdeen, Scotland

eCERTO has had many achievements and celebrations in the past calendar year. Ranging from new employees, to our Pre-SEED investment round, to continuing the development of our eCommerce platform technology, INTEGRATI - amongst many others.      


With all the large celebrations, eCERTO felt it paramount to begin our Intelectual Property (IP) 's trademarking process. The eCERTO logo, slogan, and name are the backbones of the daily life at eCERTO and as we grow and develop as a company and brand, it is vital to protect our IP.  With the assistance of Scottish Enterprise, and in collaboration with Murgitroyd - international intellectual property attorneys, eCERTO has been awarded the Scottish Enterprise IP Access Grant.      


This grant allows eCERTO to have the company's IP professionally reviewed and approved so our clients can have secure branding to support them through their Capital Project transformation.      


eCERTO's Founder & Technology Director, Luis Ibarra, has said, "As a company that is continuously evolving and creating a foothold within industries, it is paramount for eCERTO to protect it’s brand and name. With the support of Scottish Enterprise, this has now been made possible."    


eCERTO would like to thank both Scottish Enterprise and Murgitroyd for their assistance and support through this process and look forward to updating the public on our finalised trademarks in due course.

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