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INTEGRATI® – eCERTO's Smart eCommerce Platform

The digital technology that radically improves the
sustainability and financial performance of capital projects across industries

INTEGRATI® optimises development concepts with innovative commercial scenarios and streamlines the procurement process from end-to-end.  

The platform delivers cost certainty, trust and value to project owners and contractors to enable green financial decisions.


By harnessing the power of cloud computing and artificial intelligence, INTEGRATI® combines parametric modelling, commercial model innovation and dynamic pricing to minimise carbon emissions and reduce project costs. 

The results are sustainable capital projects with  procurement strategies that deliver 30% cost reduction to project owners while achieving 20~80% profit margin protection for contractors.

Integrati Smart eCommerce Platform
eCERTO_All Logos-16.jpg

INTEGRATI® is a cloud-based technology for project management, engineering, supply chain management and business development professionals that work with project owners and contractors.

eCERTO’s Smart eCommerce Platform consists of three modules:


Achieving seamless integration of scope, schedule, carbon emissions, cost and risk baselines

​INTEGRATI’s unique data science engine mines big data from past projects to simulate the uncertain commercial behaviour of future projects, to generate a wide range of innovative commercial scenarios with estimated carbon emissions and costs and risks.

The intuitive interface allows users to select the optimal development concept and procurement strategy by analysing the interplay between work breakdown structures, activity durations, carbon emissions, project resources, operational risks, commercial models and pricing.


Minimising commercial risks for project owners and contractors alike

INTEGRATI® serves as a broker between project owners and contractors. The eCOMMERCE module engages the supply chain according to the selected procurement strategy.

Contractors prepare and submit commercial proposals for their corresponding work packages within this module. Dynamic pricing is introduced to account for consumption uncertainty providing profit margin protection.

INTEGRATI® allows project owners to easily compare the submitted commercial proposals, assisting in the selection of the optimal contractor for each work package. 


Achieving seamless execution through immutable project governance

Project owners and contractors use this module to monitor and control in real-time the consumption of products and services following project management best practices.


INTEGRATI® automatically tracks and generates carbon emissions reports, selects the right prices and generates invoices for each work package. No long-running disputes, just clean execution.

Find out how INTEGRATI® can transform your project!

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