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eCERTO Pre-SEED Investment Round

Welcome to eCERTO

We will transform the sustainability and

financial performance of capital projects across industries 

Pre-SEED Investment Round Closing in

Since starting the business in 2016, eCERTO has faced many challenges that, as a team, we have overcome with just enough successes to keep us going.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a historic crash in energy commodity prices, 2020 almost knocked us out of business. Nevertheless, we managed to stand our ground and eCERTO is still here today!


2021 has seen lots of success for eCERTO. Our achievements are worth celebrating as a team with our investors, partners and clients.


Among many more, our 2021 achievements include:


  • Completed our CORE TEAM investment round, making all members of our team owners of eCERTO

  • Progressed the development of INTEGRATI™ from Proof of Concept to MPV

  • Accessed client data in the energy sector to create case studies with INTEGRATI™

  • Secured 100% of the funding required to continue and accelerate the development of INTEGRATI™ over the next 6-months with full support from Scottish Enterprise


eCERTO is only where it is today because our team fully committed their hearts and minds to delivering what was required, and we thank them for that.


We are now in the process of closing off our Pre-SEED investment round.


eCERTO's Pre-SEED continues to gain exponential momentum 

and we have already oversubscribed the target £300k


Because we have successfully laid the foundations, in 2022 we will continue to deliver on our business milestones:


  • Undertake pilot projects of INTEGRATI™ in capital projects across the energy sector.

  • Complete our SEED investment round to raise an additional £1.70m to boost our TECHNOLOGY business.

  • Continue to enhance the functionality of INTEGRATI™ to accelerate commercial deployment.


Given the accelerating traction with the market and investors, it is an exciting time to invest in eCERTO.


We would love to share more details about our company, our plans, and the opportunity that investing in eCERTO represents.


Please contact us via or fill the form below to register your interest.


Subscription Letters received by 31 December 2021

will be considered in our Pre-SEED investment round

We look forward to welcoming you on board!

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