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Welcome to eCERTO

At eCERTO, we bring together technology, domain expertise and innovation to transform the financial performance of capital projects across industries.  

Over the last year we advanced all areas of our company: 


  • Progressed the development of INTEGRATI™ in collaboration with IBM  

  • Delivered ADVISORY engagements

  • Expanded our core team and secured its commitment through an oversubscribed round of investment.     


Next year, we will continue to deliver on our milestones towards the commercial deployment of INTEGRATI™. 


Given our momentum and technology development plans, it is an exciting time to invest in our company. 


We are raising capital through a Pre-SEED investment round and would love to share more details about our company, our plans, and the opportunity that investing in eCERTO represents. 


Please fill the form below to register your interest and get a copy of our Investment Memorandum. 


We look forward to welcoming you onboard!

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