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Transforming capital projects at every stage of the life cycle

Challenges to managing capital projects are as dynamic as the projects themselves. Understanding and overcoming such challenges is critical for every company to achieve and sustain growth.


eCERTO’s eAPPRAISAL services for capital projects help you build the essential project management pillars that transform your decision-making process and embed them in your company’s DNA. 


There are different ways eCERTO can help build a best-in-class PROJECT MANAGEMENT PRACTICE and provide the gear your company needs to take decision-making to the next level.

eCERTO's eAPPRAISAL™ services for capital projects range from training to execution and support you at every stage of your project’s life cycle



eCERTO’s bespoke PROJECT MANAGEMENT TRAINING services arm your team with the skills and tools needed to transform your project management processes.


The highly qualified and experienced instructors from our eAPPRAISAL team provide training in all areas of project management: project life cycle, sustainable development, supply chain, costs, risks and many more.



eCERTO’s training is designed to address your team’s needs, considering the type of projects within your organisation.


Highly Qualified Instructors        

Highly experienced project managers deliver our training in capital projects


Measurable Results     

Reduced time, emissions, cost and quality variations, increased team efficiency, lower work stress, and many more


Immediate Returns          

Your team can apply the knowledge and skills gained right after completing the training

"From day one, we observed a noticeable improvement in our daily operations, as we became more organised and started revamping our internal processes with the lessons from the programme. These improvements are now helping us to manage our projects as we experience significant growth"

Victor Martinez Camba, Partner at Wink Group








Gaps concerning the maturity level needed at each phase of the life cycle of your capital project


Risks and opportunities to ensure your capital project is ready to progress and realise its expected value over time


Execution plan to ensure your capital project reaches the appropriate maturity level, building confidence in the decision-making process





Project life cycle management practice and associated decision-making process to identify improvement opportunities


Integration level of project management and other business processes to establish seamless communication between project teams and business functions

Create & Support

Execute a highly actionable plan to transform the performance of your portfolio of capital projects




eCERTO’s TARGETED IMPROVEMENT services drive change in a specific area of your capital project through the intervention of specialists who bring a fresh external perspective.


eCERTO combines your company’s know-how with the expertise and experience of our specialists to realise fast improvements in the least disruptive manner.


During the collaboration our eAPPRAISAL team:


  • Collects information through interviews and workshops

  • Analyses your existing project data

  • Collaborates with your team to define the objectives and priorities for the targeted improvement

  • Forms a team of specialists typically 80% eADVISORY®, 20% your organisation to develop an action plan

  • Monitors and supports the implementation of the plan





eCERTO’s PROJECT MANAGEMENT MENTORING is a long-term, lighter-touch, service where oureAPPRAISAL team works with you to define specific goals and objectives to support your company's needs. 


Through our mentoring program, your project team will:


  • Estimate and execute capital projects on time and within budget

  • Improve the day-to-day work by establishing clear roles and responsibilities

  • Create the data-driven digital solutions needed to manage the capital project through its life cycle

  • Develop an integrated and realistic view of the capital project, enabling timely quality decision-making




eCERTO will set up, support, complement or be your PROJECT MANAGEMENT OFFICE (PMO).


Our eAPPRAISAL team offers three types of PMO services, ranging from simple monitoring to project execution. The right option for your company will depend on the maturity of your project management practice and the type of capital projects in your portfolio:

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Light support to your

project teams

Control Tower_Blue.png


Steer your project managers and execution teams



Project management and portfolio management, resources coordination and priorities definition

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eAPPRAISAL™ Webinars

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