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Transforming the sustainability of capital projects

Minimising carbon footprint and achieving
30% cost reduction in capital projects

We are eCERTO

eCERTO will transform the sustainability and financial performance of

capital projects across industries with the adoption of INTEGRATI® 

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Streamlining capital project modelling across industries,
to bridge the gap between projects and investment

INTEGRATI® is eCERTO's cloud-based Smart eSaaS Platform for Capital Projects Modelling, designed for both developers and investors to streamline project development and viability assessment from the early stages of the capital value process, bridging the gaps to ensure projects are investment-ready.


By harnessing the power of cloud computing and artificial intelligence, INTEGRATI® combines parametric modelling, commercial model innovation and dynamic pricing to minimise carbon emissions and reduce project costs by 30%.


Transforming quality decision making of capital projects across the life cycle

From the early feasibility stages to the start of operations and beyond, eAPPRAISAL consolidates eCERTO’s capital project advisory services that help project management, engineering, supply chain management and business development professionals to make data-driven decisions at the right time, through the entire life cycle of a capital project. 

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October 2023

eCERTO Launches £2.6m Investment Round


About eCERTO

Helping project developers and investors to make green financial decisions and deliver capital projects in the most cost-efficient way from end-to-end, through the digital transformation of a project’s planning, budgeting, procurement, monitoring and control processes. 


With a commitment to minimise carbon emissions and costly overruns, eCERTO brings together eTECHNOLOGY and DOMAIN EXPERTISE to drive the level of innovation required to transform the sustainability and financial performance of capital projects across industries.



INTEGRATI™ has a very promising potential to radically transform the commercial relationship between the parties involved in any large capital project

Head of Business Delivery 
Global Technology Company

We are working with eCERTO to jointly bring innovation in commercial models and pricing to a range of energy projects, with the aim of helping companies to deliver quantifiable cost optimisation, greater certainty and increased predictability of project expenditure

Associate Partner
Global Management Consultancy


eCERTO is an innovative, compelling and very exciting company. We are proud to be working alongside eCERTO to explore the opportunities bring their approaches to the renewables sector

Marketing Director
Global Energy Consultancy

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