We are driving the adoption of INTEGRATI™ in the management of Capital Projects and Decommissioning delivering both trust and value for customers and contractors alike.

INTEGRATI™ brings together commercial innovation with dynamic pricing to cost every possible outcome with certainty.
Transforming your COMMERCIAL DNA


INTEGRATI™ brings together commercial innovation with dynamic pricing to transform your commercial DNA, through a combination of Smart Commercial Advice and Smart eCommerce Platforms that allows customers and contractors to cost every possible outcome of major projects with certainty.


Within the INTEGRATI™ Total Outcome™ framework, our Smart Commercial Advice facilitates and drives innovation, integration and trust between the parties, to deliver truly collaborative commercial models.


With the interlinked INTEGRATI™ Total Price™ framework, the use of our Smart eCommerce Platforms ensures that business intelligence is harnessed to power dynamic pricing models that deliver value at a project level, this value is fully scalable across your entire portfolio.


INTEGRATI™ is a win-win solution from eCERTO that enables lowering commercial risk for both parties across the lifecycle of capital and decommissioning projects by ensuring cost optimisation for customers and margin protection for contractors.


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