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October 2023

eCERTO Launches £2.6m Investment Round 

Aberdeen, Scotland

In the face of evolving challenges within the energy sector, eCERTO is not just rising to meet them but is setting new standards for innovation and growth.

Building upon the success of our oversubscribed £350k Pre-SEED I investment round in 2022, we have achieved significant milestones. As we progress through 2023, we are pleased to announce our next pivotal investment opportunity:

eCERTO's £600k Pre-SEED II

Luis Ibarra, CEO & eTECHNOLOGY™ Director, summarised eCERTO's achievements and significant developments: 

“In a relatively short timeframe, we have established a strategic presence in the European market, cultivated a talented in-house tech development team, achieved crucial financial milestones, and showcased the versatility of INTEGRATI® across the energy sector. Our milestones underscore our unwavering commitment to transforming capital projects across industires and foreshadow a promising future"

Martin Watt, eFINANCE™ Director, framed the investment opportunity for continuing shareholders and new investors:

Pre-SEED II investors have the potential to double their investments upon the successful completion of the subsequent £2m SEED round, highlighting the substantial growth prospects at this stage. It's noteworthy that we have obtained advance assurance from HMRC under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)"

We currently stand at the threshold of eCERTO's £600k Pre-SEED II, closely followed by the eCERTO's £2m SEED round, both set to commence simultaneously with a targeted closure in 2024. These rounds are integral to the execution of our strategy to advance the commercialisation of INTEGRATI® across the energy sector.








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