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March 2021 – Advisory update

eCERTO helps Wink Group to develop its Project Management skills and processes

Madrid, Spain



eCERTO has successful delivered a Project Management Training programme to Wink Group, an established architectural and construction firm in Spain. 


The program focused on project management processes, best practices, and whole cycle opportunity management. The learnings will support Wink in managing their growing portfolio of construction projects.  


eCERTO’s Advisory team scoped, designed, prepared and delivered the course over eight days through a virtual platform with the support of its partner A+ Potencial Humano


Victor Martinez Camba - partner at Wink - expressed his satisfaction with the outcome of the programme: 


“From day one, we observed a noticeable improvement in our daily operations, as we became more organised and started revamping our internal processes with the lessons from the programme. These improvements are now helping us to manage our projects as we experience significant growth”. 


Mabo Boccardo – eCERTO’s Advisory Director – was also pleased with the outcome of the programme: 


“We have a wealth of skills and experience in project management that we can leverage in several ways: from our 360° PROJECT ASSESSMENTS to bespoke solutions such as this training programme.  We are pleased with the outcome and the overwhelmingly positive feedback from Wink. We are proud to help organisations develop and move forward.” 


Stay tuned for more Advisory news. 

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