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December 2019 – Technology Update

eCERTO and STC | INSISO complete INTEGRATI’s User Interface for Well Construction Projects 


Aberdeen, Scotland


eCERTO completed a work scope in the development of INTEGRATI™, the Smart eCommerce Platform designed to Transform the Commercial DNA of capital projects. 


Working with STC | INSISO, our Technology Development Partner, eCERTO has designed an intuitive and clean User Interface that will enable the use of INTEGRATI™ in well construction projects. 


Luis Ibarra, Founder & Technology Director of eCERTO, said: "This is a significant step in the development of INTEGRATI™. We can now show how the tool will look and how it will work. More importantly, it allows us to gather specific feedback from our clients that will help us improve and refine the technology." 


Stay tuned for future technology updates. 

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