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September 2020 – Technology Update

eCERTO and the University of Strathclyde complete two scopes for INTEGRATI™


Glasgow, Scotland



eCERTO completed two work scopes in the development of INTEGRATI™, the Smart eCommerce Platform designed to Transform the Commercial DNA of capital projects.


Each scope was completed in partnership with students from the University of Strathclyde's MSc Business Analytics and Consulting, under the supervision of the Management Science Department.


The first scope delivered a quantitative model that will underpin the development of the Data Science Engine that will power the STRATEGY DEFINITION module of INTEGRATI™. The second scope delivered the story boards to develop an industry-agnostic User Interface for INTEGRATI™. 


Luis Ibarra, Founder & Technology Director of eCERTO, said:


"We have taken two significant steps in the development of INTEGRATI™. The quantitative model delivered by Strathclyde sets a strong foundation for building-up the Data Science Engine of INTEGRATI™.


Equally important, we have completed the design of the story boards for developing a new User Interface deployable to any industry, following our strategy of expanding beyond energy and delivering the benefits of INTEGRATI™ to any sector that develops capital projects.


I want to thank the students for their hard work and wish them success in their careers.  We also extend our thanks to the University of Strathclyde. This is an excellent example of business and academia working together, and how emerging companies can leverage support from academia while helping students deliver skills that enhance their employability."


Stay tuned for future technology updates.

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