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November 2020

eCERTO appoints Mabo Boccardo as Advisory Director


Madrid, Spain



eCERTO appoints Jose Manuel (Mabo) Boccardo as Advisory Director.


With over 40 years of experience, Jose held technical, managerial and directive positions for PDVSA and Repsol.


Acting as Global Project Management Director for 25 countries, he created and implemented GIP©, Repsol E&P's Integrated Project Management Methodology. Jose moved on as Director of Capabilities, Processes and Innovation, became a certified instructor of the International Institute for Learning (IIL), and authored a chapter in the book "Project Management Best Practices".


Luis Ibarra, Founder & Technology Director, said: "Mabo has worked with eCERTO as an executive advisor for over two years and has been a key contributor to consolidate the business in the UK and gain traction overseas. We are thrilled to welcome him as Advisory Director and formalise his relationship with eCERTO to transform together the financial performance of capital projects across industries.

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