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August 2019

eCERTO completes the NZTC TechX Accelerator and selects INSISO as Technology Development Partner 


Aberdeen, Scotland


eCERTO has completed the NZTC TechX accelerator


The programme consisted of sixteen weeks of intense work with various partners, mentors, and sponsors. It yielded significant progress towards our goal of transforming the financial performance of capital projects.  


The outcomes we achieved through the accelerator included: 


  • A new strategy for our technology, as we will develop a platform that delivers value for and is used by both project owners and contractors 

  • A delivery plan for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of our Technology 

  • Selecting STC | INSISO as our Technology Development Partner. 


Luis Ibarra, Founder & Technology Director of eCERTO, highlighted the value delivered by the NZTC TechX Accelerator: "when we started this journey with the NZTC we had an idea of what the accelerator would help us achieve.  I am happy to say TechX exceeded all our expectations and delivered incredible value to our company. We feel confident in the path we are taking, and I look forward to sharing our progress. 


I would also like to thank the NZTC, the partners, the mentors and our peers in the cohort for providing such a fantastic and transformational experience." 



Arrash Nekonam, Technical Director at STC | INSISO said: 


“… the Oil & Gas industry has the opportunity to unlock substantial value by adopting Dynamic Pricing […]  from a technical perspective, we believe there is significant potential to utilise Advanced Data Analytics and Software Solutions to develop a platform that will revolutionise Oil & Gas Contracting.  


By implementing a focused differentiation strategy in close collaboration with STC | INSISO, eCERTO will trigger the successful introduction of Dynamic Pricing into the industry.” 

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