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January 2021 – Technology Update 

eCERTO secures Full Stack Development team from ITU to work on INTEGRATI™

Copenhagen, Denmark



eCERTO has secured a full-stack development team from the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) to work on the Minimum Viable Product of the STRATEGY DEFINITION module of INTEGRATI™. 


The full-stack development team – consisting of nine developers, one scrum master and one agile coach - will carry out the work between February and May, during which they expect to complete six sprints. 


The team will work alongside eCERTO’s existing technology partners: IBM will continue to design the UX/UI, provide data science capabilities and cloud technology; STC | INSISO will continue to deploy senior software developers. 


Logan Neave - Product Owner of INTEGRATI™ - will manage the project. He expressed his satisfaction with the capabilities of the full-stack development team: 


“I have been impressed by the technical capabilities and energy that the team brings to the table. I am confident this milestone for INTEGRATI™ will be a success. Stay tuned for further updates!”. 


eCERTO secured the full-stack development team by successfully pitching in a competitive process organised by ITU as part of their Bachelor of Science in Software Development degree. 


Stefano Vicenti – ITU’s Course Manager – said: 


“An intense online battle took place among the 17 Product Owners from the Industry! After a pitching round and Product Owners interviews in Zoom breakout rooms. Congrats for getting a full-stack software development team!” 


Luis Ibarra – eCERTO’s Technology Director – said: 


“We are thankful to ITU and IBM for inviting us to compete in this process. And we are delighted to have secured such a high performing team. This project is another example of eCERTO partnering with academia to maximise the use of all our resources in the development of INTEGRATITM. 


I look forward to working with the team and sharing the output of the project”. 


Stay tuned for further technology updates. 

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