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April 2021 – Team News

eCERTO appoints Directors in Finance and Marketing

Aberdeen, Scotland



eCERTO appoints Martin Watt as Finance Director and Roberto Estaba as Marketing Director.


Martin joined the eCERTO team in March 2021. A chartered accountant with a degree in accountancy and finance, Martin has extensive entrepreneurial experience and several large ERP implementation projects under his belt. Martin is an expert in fundraising and implementing financial and risk management systems.


Roberto joined eCERTO as Marketing Advisor in August 2020 and has been instrumental in simplifying eCERTO’s messaging and revamping the website. Going forward, Roberto will expand his responsibilities to include market intelligence, strategic growth, customer segmentation, competitive analysis and communications strategy.  


With a career in Shell, General Electric and Baker Hughes, Roberto is a seasoned strategy and marketing professional with a track record of formulating and executing strategies derived from market insights.


Steve Shearman – eCERTO’s Managing Director – said of the new appointments:


“We are delighted to have Roberto and Martin join our team.  Many exciting developments are happening within eCERTO, which has allowed us to attract top talent to our organisation.  I want to welcome Roberto and Martin to the team, and I look forward to moving the company forward together.”


Stay tuned for more Team News.

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