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January 2023

eCERTO Provides Capital Project Management Training in Tunisia

Tunis, Tunisia


eCERTO's project management experts travelled to Tunisia to deliver high-level in-person training tailored to the client's specific needs and challenges.

The training aimed to equip attendees with eCERTO's proprietary frameworks and methodologies to optimise capital project development. Honed through years of hands-on expertise, eCERTO has incorporated these approaches into its INTEGRATI® software technology.

Through interactive sessions, participants gained insight into techniques for strategic planning, risk analysis, stakeholder communication, and defining key performance indicators for capital projects.

Attendees praised the real-world knowledge and informative skills of eCERTO's experienced team. The immersive approach delivered both theoretical grounding and practical examples to reinforce key concepts.

The successful training highlights eCERTO's commitment to capacity building by embedding its project management methodologies into innovative technologies like INTEGRATI®. It also reinforces eCERTO's leadership in providing tech-enabled solutions to advance capital projects worldwide.

eCERTO looks forward to continued collaboration with clients globally to implement its integrated approaches for developing and managing successful capital projects, by leveraging the power of technology.

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