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February 2023

eCERTO Achieves Successful Completion of Major Contract 


London, UK


We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of a significant contract with a leading client in the energy sector. This milestone underscores eCERTO's commitment to revolutionising decision-making processes and integrating our advanced project management technology into the core operations of companies.


Our INTEGRATI® technology platform was pivotal in accommodating a wide range of project information at various levels of definition. The platform provided a clear and effective roadmap for the project development, maximising efficiency and ensuring long-term success.


"Our technology's ability to tailor to the client's specific needs has been instrumental in optimising decision-making and offering a competitive advantage in the marketplace," said the team using INTEGRATI®.


This achievement highlights the capabilities of our ground-breaking INTEGRATI® platform, which embodies the latest digital innovations and technologies. Designed to minimise both carbon emissions and cost overruns, INTEGRATI® sets a new standard in an industry where outdated spreadsheet models often lead to risky and unreliable project estimates.


The INTEGRATI® platform's adaptability and quick response to challenges were key to achieving the client's objectives. With this success, eCERTO reaffirms its commitment to delivering an effective technology solution that drives the growth and performance of its clients across various sectors.


Congratulations to the team utilising INTEGRATI® on this successful collaboration! As we continue to expand our reach and diversify across various industries, we are eager to take on more exciting projects and make a positive impact on the project management of leading companies 


For those interested in learning how eCERTO and INTEGRATI® can add value to your projects, we invite you to contact us. We look forward to continued and fruitful collaborations with industry leaders.

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