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August 2022

Scottish Enterprise funding further supports eCERTO’s growth aspirations  

Aberdeen, Scotland


Having previously been recognised as a potential High Growth Venture by Scottish Enterprise, eCERTO has now received a further £72,000 of funding, which will assist us to pursue three separately identifiable strategic themes:


  • Accelerating our software development

  • Analysing our market, competitors, and business opportunities

  • Implementing an integrated management system (ISO accreditations)


As eCERTO continues its exciting journey, its single biggest current challenge is bringing its proprietary software INTEGRATI™ to market. The funding secured, which represents 70% of estimated final costs, is intended to help understand how to overcome potential obstacles and ultimately develop an effective go-to-market strategy.


INTEGRATI™ is eCERTO’s digital technology that radically improves the sustainability and financial performance of capital projects. It is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) technology that helps the owners of capital projects secure project finance, and supports project management, and supply chain management, reducing capital project costs and carbon emissions.


Work on the three strategic themes is underway and is scheduled to be completed by April 2023.

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