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October 2022

Integrated Project Management Methodology Workshop with MAGMA

Lanzarote, Spain



The eCERTO Europa team had a fantastic time working with MAGMA Innovation Services. 


We held our workshop at Innovation Space located at #MIHUB at the Marina of Lanzarote. The venue was perfect for the workshops as it provided a comfortable space to interact with one another while also allowing access to the sunshine and fresh sea air. 


The eCERTO Integrated Project Management methodology workshop, through practical exercises and reflections, helped MAGA build its own integrated project management method: The MAGMA Method.

We were thrilled to see how engaged everyone was in the working sessions, and how they enjoyed the opportunity to learn new skills that will make their daily work easier, integrate the entire project team and add value to the company.


The eCERTO Integrated Project Management methodology workshop allowed Magma to develop a digitised project management methodology that combines best practices from the PMI Book, with the professional experience of our experts.


The eCERTO Europa team would like to thank Magma Innovation Services for their hospitality and warm welcome during this event! 


We believe this is just the beginning of an exciting collaboration between us and Magma. 


Our team is always excited about bringing knowledge and expertise to clients around Europe, so if you're interested in learning how we can help with your next project or initiative, please reach out!

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