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December 2022

Delivering Enhanced Value in Capital Projects: eCERTO's Digital Integration Insights at Tech 20


Aberdeen, Scotland


On 1st December 2022, we were at the Net Zero Technology Centre as part of the TECH 20 programme, where eCERTO had the opportunity to present its value proposition on boosting the performance of capital projects through digital integration. 


The Net Zero Technology Centre, developing and deploying technology for an affordable net-zero energy industry, has been eCERTO's partner since the company's inception, making us part of the TECH 20 programme. 

The presentation was delivered by our CEO, Luis Ibarra, and highlighted the power of data and process mining to increase the performance of Capital Projects. 


eCERTO highlights the need for greater sophistication in project planning, cost estimation, time management, and carbon emissions reduction. In its value proposition, validated by clients, eCERTO combines technology (INTEGRATI®), globally recognised project management standards, and a best-in-class team of experts to reduce project risks during the early stages (concept/select) and place clients in a strong position for Final Investment Decisions. 


Our CEO explained these concepts in detail during the December event. If you would like to learn more, please watch the video below and contact us. 


We would like to thank all the participants who came to the event and once again the Net Zero Technology Centre for all the support. 

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