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October 2022

eCERTO completes its first Pilot Project with INTEGRATI ® 


London, UK


This month is very special for eCERTO, as we successfully completed our first pilot project with INTEGRATI®. The pilot project was delivered to a client in the UK the waste-to-energy industry, they have been developing large-scale gasification plants in different parts of Europe. The pilot project in question, for a plant to be installed in the UK, can be considered a large-scale one for this industry, envisioning 50 GWh production per year and a total investment of over £150M. 


Running this pilot project in INTEGRATITM combined with the expertise of our eAdvisory team, brought unique benefits to our client, some of which are listed below: 

  • Integrated project view that connects data silos 

  • Intuitive Work breakdown structure with interactive work packages 

  • Project schedule integrated from end-to-end 

  • Intuitive CBS for 6 commercial scenarios 

  • Parametric carbon emissions model 

  • A quantitative risk model for contingency & reserves 

  • Quality decision-making across the portfolio 


“Thank you for your consistently hard work and dedication to our company.  

You are one of the partners on whom we know we can rely

to look after our company’s interests and to do what it takes

to push through to success. That kind of care and attention is too rare in our world,

and we very much appreciate you for it.”

Client feedback 


To run a pilot project our eCERTO team of experts follows an approach that includes data gathering and quality check as a first step, then the project data is uploaded to INTEGRATI® and finally simulations and optimizations are run to generate the multiple scenarios of the project. Every step is done in collaboration with the client and the whole process takes between 2 and 3 months. 


The successful completion of this pilot project has proved the  

value that eCERTO can deliver to developers of capital projects within the energy sector, especially the renewable industry. This value can be summarized in the following three points: 


  1. Run an independent due diligence of the project baseline using their software INTEGRATI®. eCERTO's technology simulates multiple project concepts, including scope, schedule, costs and risks for efficient sensitivity analysis, providing more certainty to the key inputs that underpin the project financial model. 

  2. Identify areas of potential CAPEX reduction, building on the commercial strategies modelled with INTEGRATI® and eCERTO's expertise in the UK and Europe. 

  3. Estimating and optimising the project's carbon footprint according to the corresponding execution strategy. 


If you own a project within the energy industry and are looking for some of the points above, reach out to us. 

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