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May 2023

Revolutionising Renewable Energy Projects:

EQTEC's Annual Report

London, UK


EQTEC, a frontrunner in waste-to-energy solutions, recently released its Annual Report, which prominently features eCERTO and our ground-breaking technology platform, INTEGRATI®. The report underscores our role in transforming capital projects within the energy sector, with a special emphasis on renewable energy.

EQTEC sought eCERTO's expertise to manage its complex and ambitious projects, such as the Deeside initiative. Following a comprehensive assessment, eCERTO was appointed to identify gaps and develop effective strategies for filling them.


"With eCERTO’s guidance, EQTEC was able to organise project complexity around a standard framework built on best-in-class techniques well utilised in the energy sector. More than that, the capital project model built with INTEGRATI® enabled EQTEC and its partners to gain insights on the ‘hot spots’ in the financial model, cost structure and forward schedule that resulted in a refined strategy for project development."


The INTEGRATI® platform was central to this transformation, embodying the latest digital innovations and technologies. Designed to minimise both carbon emissions and cost overruns, INTEGRATI® incorporates eCERTO's extensive knowledge, frameworks, and methodologies. It represents a fusion of decades of industry expertise in complex infrastructure projects with cutting-edge technology solutions. Against a backdrop where the industry is still reliant on outdated spreadsheet models, which often result in risky and unreliable project estimates, INTEGRATI® emerges as a modern, reliable, and sustainable solution for capital project management.

This partnership has not only enhanced EQTEC's project management capabilities but has also attracted interest from potential funders in the renewable energy sector. These investors are now approaching eCERTO for independent due diligence, reinforcing our standing as a trusted technology partner in the industry.

As EQTEC continues to evolve, it remains committed to implementing best practices in collaboration with innovative technology partners like eCERTO. Our shared vision will continue to drive carbon-efficient and financially viable infrastructure projects.


For those interested in learning how eCERTO and INTEGRATI® can add value to your renewable energy projects, we invite you to contact us.

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