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August 2022

eCERTO Europa Establishes New entity in Spain  


Madrid, Spain


eCERTO Europa has established a new legal entity in Spain this month (August 2022) and has now officially started carrying out business activities.


The new entity will allow eCERTO to expand its operations into the Iberian region and become an active player in the renewable energy market.


eCERTO's strategy is focused on onshore and offshore wind, waste to-energy and solar projects. The company also holds ambition to support capital projects in carbon capture, hydrogen, and geothermal markets. 

Our experience supporting capital projects, together with eCERTO’s proprietary software INTEGRATI™, allows the owners of capital projects to choose the optimal management strategy to reduce capital expenses, and support projects to comply with sustainability regulations. 


Establishing the new entity is a key step in eCERTO's growth strategy and will allow the company to better serve its clients in the Iberian region. 


If you are the owner or the funder of a capital project, we invite you to find out how eCERTO can support your efforts in the delivery of successful and sustainable capital projects.

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