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December 2020

Students from the University of Cambridge deliver competitive analysis

Cambridge, England



A group of MBA students from the University of Cambridge's Judge Business School (CJBS) completed a competitive analysis on behalf of eCERTO.


The analysis focused on INTEGRATI™ – the Smart eCommerce Platform designed to transform the commercial DNA of capital projects across industries. 


The analysis found that the market for digital technologies in the procurement space continues to grow at an accelerated pace. At the same time, it suggested that INTEGRATI's unique functionalities and value proposition position the platform as a strong competitor in the space. 


The work was delivered as part of CJBS' Cambridge Venture Project, a consultancy service carried by MBA students to support emerging organisations.


Roberto Estaba, Marketing Advisor for eCERTO, said: “The findings into the landscape of digital technologies for procurement is very encouraging to us, as the space is growing strongly, and we have a differentiated value proposition. The recommendations from the students were thought provoking and they are helping refine our strategy. We thank the students and CJBS for their excellent contributions"

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