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November 2019

eCERTO outlines how adopting innovative commercial models can reduce decommissioning costs by 30% 


St Andrews, Scotland


Luis Ibarra, Founder & Technology Director of eCERTO, took to the stage at the Offshore Decommissioning Conference to deliver a presentation on Enabling the Adoption of Innovative Contracting Solutions in Decommissioning. 


Luis outlined how owners of decommissioning projects can save 20~30% by adopting contracting solutions that include innovations such as smart commercial models and dynamic pricing. 


The presentation was delivered in collaboration with Laura Petrie, Oil & Gas Director of Brodies, who we thank for the invitation to participate in the conference. 


eCERTO is developing INTEGRATI™, the Smart eCommerce Platform that will leverage cloud computing and artificial intelligence to transform the commercial DNA of decommissioning projects. 

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