eCerto Financial Performance

Using technology, experience and innovation to improve project performance

With a commitment to reduce wasteful spend and costly over-runs, eCERTO brings together technology, domain expertise and innovation to transform the financial performance of capital projects across industries. 

Committed to financial performance improvement

eCERTO was conceived in the Energy Sector. We experienced the inefficiencies in Capital Projects caused by traditional procurement practices and faced the challenges to drive a transformational change. 

An opportunity arose and eCERTO became a reality. 

eCERTO started as a technology driven advisory service to provide meaningful support to projects across the energy sector. We then expanded beyond energy as other industries experience similar inefficiencies; data from the Construction Industry Institute shows that 98% of mega-projects exhibit costs over-runs of 80% and 40% of capital is wasted on transactions. 

With innovation as a core value, eCERTO is keen to transform the financial performance of Capital Projects across industries.


We are deploying INTEGRATI™, the Smart eCommerce Platform designed to bring digital transformation to a project’s commercial processes to reduce project costs by up to 30% while protecting the margins of contractors. 

Our team is competent and entrepreneurial.  We are project managers, developers, and commercial specialists.  We have decades of experience delivering results for both project owners and contractors. 

We are developing and deploying ground-breaking technology to make a step-change in the world of capital projects.

Join us on the journey.   

Our Name

"CERTO" derives from Latin “CERTUS” which is the origin of the word “CERTAIN” across languages, a fitting word for our objective of providing financial certainty to capital projects, while generating trust between project owners and contractors.


"e" to emphasise the "electronic" nature of our technology offering, that is driving the adoption of an inclusive digital environment across the entire project life cycle, integrating teams across domains.