Using technology, experience and innovation to improve project performance

With a commitment to reduce wasteful spend and costly over-runs, eCERTO brings together technology, domain expertise and innovation to transform the financial performance of capital projects across industries. 

Committed to financial performance improvement.

eCERTO was conceived in the Energy Sector. We experienced the inefficiencies in projects caused by traditional procurement practices and faced the challenges to drive a transformational change. 

An opportunity arose and eCERTO became a reality. 

eCERTO started as an advisory service to provide meaningful support to projects across the energy sector. We then expanded beyond energy as other industries experience similar inefficiencies; data from the Construction Industry Institute shows that 98% of mega-projects exhibit costs over-runs of 80% and 40% of capital is wasted on transactions. 

With innovation as a core value, eCERTO is keen to transform the financial performance of capital projects across industries.


We are deploying INTEGRATI™, the Smart eCommerce Platform designed to bring digital transformation to a project’s commercial processes to reduce project costs by up to 30% while protecting the margins of contractors. 

Our team is competent and entrepreneurial.  We are project managers, developers, and commercial specialists.  We have decades of experience delivering results for both project owners and contractors. 

We are developing and deploying ground-breaking technology to make a step-change in the world of capital projects.

Join us on the journey.   

Meet the Team

Steve Shearman

Managing Director

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Steve is eCERTO’s Managing Director.


With over 20 years of experience, he has held senior positions in Expro, READ Well Services and Archer, and has consulted on the oil and gas industry strategy for a selection of business streams of PwC in the UK.


Steve holds an MBA in Oil & Gas Management and has comprehensive experience in delivering business-model innovation, commercial and sales strategies, developing key client relationships, service offerings and commercialising technologies

Luis is eCERTO’s Technology Director, focused on developing INTEGRATI™.


With 15 years of oil and gas experience,  Luis initiated his career with Schlumberger’s Integrated Project Management; driving optimisation in well delivery campaigns under numerous contracting models, supporting operators across Latin America and the Middle East. Luis then completed an MBA in Oil & Gas Management and consulted with Shell before founding eCERTO and guiding it to the top 5% of the global energy tech start-ups.

Luis Ibarra

Technology Director

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Mabo Boccardo 

Advisory Director

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Jose Manuel Boccardo - known as Mabo -  is eCERTO’s Advisory Director.


With over 40 years of experience, he held technical, managerial and directive positions for PDVSA and Repsol E&P. Acting as Global Project Management Director for 25 countries, he created and implemented GIP©, Repsol E&P’s Integrated Project Management Methodology.


Mabo moved on as Director of Capabilities, Processes and Innovation, became a certified instructor of the International Institute for Learning (IIL), and authored a chapter in the book "Project Management Best Practices".

Roberto is eCERTO’s Marketing Director.


With 15 years of oil and gas experience, he is a commercially driven business leader, with a deep understanding of marketing, strategy, operations and products. For over a decade, Roberto led product and services marketing, designed and delivered strategies, and improved profits for global corporations.


With an MBA, and a career with Shell, GE and Baker Hughes, he has a track record of building strategic commercial relationships that deliver value to both project owners and contractors.

Roberto Estaba

Marketing Director

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Logan Neave

Product Owner

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Logan is the Product Owner of INTEGRATI™, leveraging over 10 years of experience delivering business solutions that exceed client’s expectations.


With a passion for developing digital technologies that deliver smart user experiences, he defines client’s requirements and maps key features to design intuitive user interfaces. Logan integrates the capabilities of the tech development team, managing and optimising the visibility of product backlog and prioritising future product development requirements.


With an MBA, he advises on digital transformation, process automation, financial analysis, forecasting and managing budgets. 

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